At Positive Growth Gardens, we understand that your wellness begins at the roots.

We understand what you need:
- Medicinal cannabis that satisfies your symptoms
- A pure product that settles your condition
- Clean ingredients from the start that supports real wellness

That’s legit! We get it.

We supply your solutions:
- We know what it is to grow “medicine quality”
- Whether it’s food or medicine, what you put into your body matters when you’re healing
- We grow our cannabis like we would grow veggies (& we like to do that too!)

At Positive Growth Gardens, we are committed to producing the highest-quality cannabis products.


Positive Growth Gardens is committed to using sustainable practices as close to nature as possible. You can expect that what you are consuming from PGG is as healthy as your organic avocados.

Our facility features:
- Only organic soil and nutrients
- Vermicomposting
- A diversity of companion herbs to mimic a natural outdoor eco-system
- Conscious recycling and composting to minimize waste

Our organically grown cannabis will meet your patient needs and put your mind at ease.

Positive Growth Gardens LLC is a State licensed, MMMP compliant, Medical cannabis caregiver. Accepting patients 21 and over.


We offer even more! Not only do we invest ourselves into providing you with quality medicine, but we have choices. Whether you prefer a smoke, vape, or consider yourself a “cannivore”, we provide a medical cannabis product that will match your patient needs like butter and jam:

Flower - Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids
Extracts - Cannabis extracted in commercial facility. Premium cannabis oil that is tested and added to our products in its purest form
Confections - Made by hand with all-natural ingredients in a certified commercial kitchen
Sea-salted caramels - Like from an old-fashioned candy store, individually wrapped
Hard candies - Rolled in confectioners sugar
Lollipops - Choose a handful of flavors
“Lemon Balmers” - A patient favorite! Hard candy flavored with a blend of locally crafted herbs of lemon balm and lemon verbena
Salt-water taffy - Our newest addition, a Maine seaside treat


Positive Growth Gardens
Portland, ME

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